Breaths of Fresh Air on the Katy Trail

Explore the latest on the Katy Trail: a new bridge west of Mokane and a serene High Point shelter for breaks.

Breaths of Fresh Air on the Katy Trail
New Katy Trail Bridge west of Mokane - Photo by Naomi Linn Guffey

It’s always exciting when the trails we know and love receive updates and improvements, and this week, fantastic news is coming out of the Katy Trail section of the American Discovery Trail.

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Missouri - Segment 5

Katy Trail - Jefferson City to Treloar

This past week, workers opened a newly constructed bridge on the Katy Trail just west of Mokane. This development is not just about enhancing the trail's infrastructure; it symbolizes a commitment to providing hikers, bikers, and outdoor lovers with continuous, uninterrupted access to the beauty and serenity the Katy Trail offers. With the bridge now open, the temporary detour map (below), turn-by-turn directions, and Gaia GPS data previously necessary to navigate this section have been removed.

It's a good-looking bridge, too.

Mokane Bridge Replacement Detour (Purple)

But wait! There's more!

High Point Shelter - Photos: Katy Trail State Park

Missouri Segment 3

Katy Trail - Windsor to Boonville

Further enhancing the Katy Trail is the addition of a new shelter and picnic table at High Point (the highest point on the Katy Trail). Located 5.24 miles in from the beginning of the segment in Windsor, this spot has been transformed into an inviting area for thru-hikers to take a breather, enjoy a snack, or simply soak in the tranquility of the surroundings.

Alan'24, one of the first to enjoy the new amenities, describes it as "a very nice quiet spot to take a break and have a snack." And in the summer, an opportunity to find some shade! 🥵

The beauty of the American Discovery Trail is in its ever-evolving nature, with each visit offering something new to discover.

Coming Soon to the ADT 🥳

Leif Olson

A writer and photographer from the Pacific Northwest will join the American Discovery Trail Class of 2024 next week. Leif Olsen leaves on a train from the West Coast to Delaware tonight to begin his Westbound thru-hike in the coming days. He wrote of his 'Imminent Departure' in a blog post for The Trek this week.

American Discovery Trail: Imminent Departure! - The Trek
No worries, I feel like the hardest part is over (he says in that gasping for breath, laughing sort of way!). After all, I made an absolute decision that will impact every second of every day for the foreseeable future. I made that decision, as I often do, in an instant.

Welcome to the trail! We look forward to working with you!

Leif Olson

Starting: Late March
Support Links: Instagram, Blog, BuyMeACoffee

He's Baaack!

Mike 'I Like Mike' Crowley

Started: March 11, 2024
Support Links:, Instagram, YouTube

Also hitting the ADT this month is 2019 crosser Mike "I Like Mike" Crowley, who is back for another go. He left Point Reyes last Monday, heading east—until he hits snow—and then he'll figure it out from there! Mike's tips of wisdom are sprinkled through the Hiking America Hiker Notes, with more he's shared to be added this week!

And finally –

Family Dollar, Dollar Tree Plan To Close Roughly 1,000 Stores
About 1,000 Family Dollar and Dollar Tree stores will close, their parent company said Wednesday.

Dollar Tree, Inc. announced this week that 600 Family Dollar stores will close this year, and an additional 370 Family Dollar and 30 Dollar Tree stores will close over the next several years. Those who've traversed the ADT or are planning to do so know that dozens of those resupply oases are scattered from sea to shining sea along the American Discovery Trail. 😢

Looks like we've got some update work ahead of us.

Hike Your Hike - John.

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