Finding Your Stride: The Unseen Milestone That Transforms Hikers into Conquerors

Discover the transformative moment in long-distance hiking that goes beyond any map point — finding your stride. Explore a personal story, the challenge overcome, and the exhilarating journey towards self-reliance and the dream of conquering the trail.

Finding Your Stride: The Unseen Milestone That Transforms Hikers into Conquerors
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There's something truly magical about witnessing someone achieve those monumental moments on their journey, like crossing the halfway mark, finishing their first 100-mile stretch, navigating through their first challenging terrain without a hitch, or completing a goal you set or setting a record.

But if you ask me, the most exhilarating milestone isn't just a point on the map. It's that moment when a hiker truly finds their stride out there in the wilderness. Why? Reaching that level of confidence and self-reliance is the turning point toward realizing their grand dream of conquering the trail.

Once they hit that stride, they transform. We've seen it a dozen times.

There's an indescribable power in realizing you can push through and continue, whether it's enduring a storm, overcoming the mental challenge of solitude, or simply making it through a day you thought would never end.

Screen capture of Water Canyon, Nevada - Facebook video from Briana DeSanctis

Briana "Rocky Mountain High" DeSanctis had such a day last October when outdated directions left her stuck in a Nevada Canyon. It was "The moment that ALMOST ended my hike," she wrote on a Facebook post and added a series of horrific videos about the ordeal.

But calling for help, resetting her route, and pushing on has led to Saturday's climax: Briana is set to become the first solo female to conquer the entire American Discovery Trail!

It's that first taste of realizing, "I can do this," that fuels the fire. Once you've felt that, there's no stopping. You just keep chasing that feeling, building on each success, eager for the next challenge.

So, if you're out there reading this and you're dreaming of lacing up your boots to set off on an adventure that seems just out of reach, let's talk. Whether you're aiming to tackle your first long-distance hike or you're setting your sights on the sprawling journey of the American Discovery Trail, reach out.

Let's make those dreams your reality.

Rocky in the News:


She spent 2 years hiking across the US and her journey ends soon. Meet Briana DeSanctis.
Maine native Briana DeSanctis is almost done with the ADT, but says there’s always another hike to do. \


Way to go, Rocky!

Quick update for those on or planning to hit the American Discovery Trail through Illinois and Indiana – we've added some useful services to make your journey smoother.

In Illinois (Joliet to Lansing):

  • Added 43 new waypoints for essentials throughout the segment including West Joliet and New Lenox.
  • Now find four Amazon Lockers, perfect for grabbing gear or snacks you've shipped ahead.
  • For big resupply, there are two Walmart Supercenters.
  • Grab a meal at a new buffet restaurant or rest up at an economy hotel.

In Indiana North & South (Munster to Rochester & Marion to Richmond & Evansville to Boonville):

  • Added 14 new waypoints to include several Amazon Locker locations, making gear and resupply pickups easy.
  • We've also beefed up the services around these locker locations for more convenience.

I hope these updates help as you plan your next section or resupply. Stay safe and enjoy the trail!

P.S. We're always looking to enhance your ADT experience – let us know how these new additions work out for you!

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