Trail Reports: Wildfire Detour Success, Illinois Trail Findings, and Bernie's Back!

Mike navigates Utah wildfire detours with key updates; Matt and Jen provide new trail insights and reviews from Illinois. Discover their latest adventures!

Trail Reports: Wildfire Detour Success, Illinois Trail Findings, and Bernie's Back!
A helicopter drops water on the Little Twist Wildfire in Utah - Photo: Central Utah Fire Interagency

Mike "I Like Mike" Crowley successfully completed the Utah detour around Little Twist Wildfire in Utah this week, providing valuable insights with over a dozen water reports and trail condition updates.

National Forest Service recommended detour around the Little Twist Wildfire - Hiking America Graphic.

🏜️ Utah

Segment 2

Little Twist Wildfire Alert: The Little Twist wildfire, now only 10% contained, continues to spread northward. As a result, the American Discovery Trail's Main and Alternate route south and north of the Little Twist is now closed. The Forest Service's recommended detour to the south is proving to be a wise choice. This recommendation came just in time for Mike Crowley, as the fire transitioned from a controlled burn to a wildfire while he was approaching the area.

Detour Water Availability: Water sources along the southern detour are reliable at both the beginning and end of the 14-mile route. Depending on the time of year, you may or may not find additional water sources along the way, but the detour is manageable for most hikers.

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🏔️ Colorado - North

Segment 1

Welcome back to the trail, Bernie Krausse!

Bernie Krausse at the ADT Northern and Souther Route Junction in Denver - Photo: Bernie Krausse

On Saturday, Bernie rejoined the American Discovery Trail, aiming to conquer the northern route eastbound from Denver to Cincinnati. You might recall Bernie completed the southern route from California to Delaware in 2022. His goal this year is to join the elite group of hikers who have traversed the entire 6,800 miles of the trail. The last person to achieve this feat and the first woman to do it solo was Brianna DeSanctis, who completed the journey last year over a span of two years.

Bernie’s first day back saw him tackling the South Platte River Trail, starting from the southern Denver suburbs. He impressively covered 30 miles on his first day, adding over half a dozen new waypoints for services along the trail.

Later this week, Bernie will likely run into Marshall Travis, who crossed into Colorado from Nebraska this weekend.

Matthew Hengst & Jennifer Blackie began the River to River Trail in Southern Illinois this week. Photo by Matt Hengst

🌳 Illinois - South

Segment 4

We’ve updated all tracks and mileage to reflect the latest information from the River to River Trails organization. These updates are currently being verified by Matthew Hengst and Jennifer Blackie as they cross this segment this month.

With the new track adjustments, we’ve recalculated the ascent and descent, finding that no climbs are now challenging enough to be categorized. Both our guides and Gaia GPS data have been updated accordingly.

Segment 3

This week, Matt and Jen have shared updated water notes and a delightful bagel review from the Makanda Country Store. We’re also working on a new section reported to have opened recently just south of Cedar Lake, though there has been some conflicting information. Matt and Jen are exploring that area today - in 105 degree heat index! 🥵🥵

Nothing like 'real boots 🥾 on the ground.'

Leif Olson waiting out torrential rainfall under a shelter at the Wyanet Memorial Park - Photo: Leif Olson

🌳 Illinois - North

Segment 1

Meanwhile on the other end of Illinois, last night, - well let Leif Olson tell it -

This park shelter in Wyanet bailed me out huge last night. I was walking into Wyanet, Illinois for a drink, someone said, “a storm’s coming and there’s a park shelter right over there.” I said, “cool.” ☺️ It’s large, with a stage , but also electrical outlets. The bathroom is out of service but the gas station/convenient store is right across the street. That storm hit crazy hard, glad to not be floating down the canal.

That would be the Hennepin Canal - Leif walks into Iowa this week.


Hike Your Hike - John.


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