Holden, MO: A Resupply Option on the American Discovery Trail

Adding Holden, MO, on the American Discovery Trail: essential services, camping, food, and more for a safe, memorable 4000+ mile hike.

Holden, MO: A Resupply Option on the American Discovery Trail
Downtown Holden, Missouri - Photo: Hudson Security

Missouri - Segment 2

Rock Island Trail - Pleasant Hill to Windsor

The latest update to Hiking America's Guide to the American Discovery Trail has additional Hiker Notes and Services, focusing on the area around Holden, Missouri.

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Holden, Missouri Services Update: Located 4.8 miles north of the Rock Island Trail, Holden offers a range of services that are essential for long-distance hikers. Despite its distance from the trail, we are including it due to its strategic position: it lies 18 miles east of one major resupply town (Pleasant Hill) and 10 miles west of the next significant stop (Windsor). This makes Holden a valuable option for hikers who find themselves in need of restocking or taking a break.

In Holden, hikers can find:

  • 🛒 Full-Service Grocery Store: An essential stop for hikers looking to restock supplies, from food to personal care items.
  • 🔨 Hardware Store: Ideal for hikers needing to replace or repair gear, this store is a crucial resource for ensuring your equipment is trail-ready. (MacGyvering is a thing!)
  • 🍽️ Restaurants: A variety of dining options to satisfy different tastes and dietary needs, offering a comfortable place to refuel and relax.
  • 🏕️ Camping in the City Park: For those looking to rest overnight, the City Park in Holden offers camping facilities, allowing for a secure and comfortable stay.

"But it's a two-and-a-half-hour walk!" (said no one who's tackled the PCT or AT.)

Yep! But remember, when embarking on a journey of over 4000 miles, every detail counts. Knowing all your options ensures a safer, more enjoyable, and well-prepared hiking experience.

All are now included in the Hiker Notes in our Turn-By-Turn Directions and available in Hiking America on Gaia GPS.

Stay updated with Hiking America for the most recent and detailed information on the American Discovery Trail.

Some Thoughts As You Approach Go Time

December/January is a common start time for American Discovery Trail hikers planning a Westbound Trip. It is also a time when those jitters begin to ramp up.

Out on the trail, every step can feel like a journey in itself, especially when you're aiming to conquer something as monumental as a long-distance hike. It's a path filled with doubts and challenges. But remember, for every voice of doubt, there's a chorus of supporters believing in your dream to conquer that trail.

In the grand adventure of life, we juggle many roles - a friend, a family member, a dreamer. And yes, there will be days when the trail seems too tough when you feel you're not living up to these roles. But, trail dreamer, don't let that stop you. Embrace the journey with all its ups and downs.

I've had days when I felt I was stumbling, not just on the path but in balancing life. Yet, it's these very challenges that forge our strength and determination. Can you relate to this feeling?

It's crucial to surround yourself with people who echo the most genuine and uplifting words. Their encouragement is a beacon, guiding you through the foggy days on the trail, reminding you of your strength and success, even when you feel you're not reaching your goals.

We'd love to hear from you. We want to be part of your emotional and physical support system. What words of wisdom keep you trekking forward? What inspiration keeps your eyes on the path ahead, your feet moving one step at a time? Share in the comments below if you are reading on the website, or simply reply to this newsletter if it arrived in your inbox – because in sharing, we support and uplift each other on this incredible journey.

Let's inspire and be inspired! 🌲🥾🌟 Here's to the ADT Class of 2024!

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