🥾 Fresh Updates: From Colorado's Front Range 🌄 to Kansas Prairie Walks

Discover Hiking America's map and guide updates to the American Discovery Trail: a new route, revitalized areas, and hiker insights. Gear up for an adventure!

🥾 Fresh Updates: From Colorado's Front Range 🌄 to Kansas Prairie Walks
American Discovery Trail marker in Pomona State Park, Kansas. Photo by Ray "RayRey" Reynoso.

These last couple of weeks, we've been curating and updating the maps, guides, and Gaia GPS data to the American Discovery Trail. In all, this update covers fifteen segments in four states. Thanks to the invaluable crowdsourced information from our community, here's the latest and greatest for those planning your coast-to-coast journey.

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🏔️ Colorado North

Segment 1 (Brighton to Denver):

A new section of the South Platte River Trail/Front Range Trail near Brighton, Co. Photo Courtesy Brian Christner

This week we have rerouted the trail off roadways northeast of Denver and onto a new section of the South Platte River Trail/Front Range Trail (above). "Blackberry" Brian Christner alerted us to it as he was passing through Brighton. Our Gaia GPS tracks, waypoints, Turn-By-Turn Directions, and maps are freshly updated. Serene river views along this new pathway, too!

🏔️ Colorado West

Segments 3 & 4

We have added new waypoints for more than a dozen campsites and water availability sources throughout the segments. A tip of the hat to Bernie'22 and ClayHikes'22 for these! 🖐️

🌄 Colorado South

Segments 2, 3, 4 & 5 (Indian Creek Campground to Kansas Line):

And we've tidied up the Gaia GPS data, removing a few duplicate crowdsourced waypoints. Plus, we've enriched our Hiker Notes with new services, campsites, and more Amazon Locker locations for resupply.

🌻 Kansas

Segments 6, 7 & 8 (McPherson to Kansas City):

A big nod to Ray "RayRey" Renoso! His contributions have allowed us to refine the Hiker Notes through these sections. And we've sprinkled in the Amazon Locker locations along the segment. Mid-hike surprises, anyone? 📦

Some serious Trail Angel Magic!

🛤️ Missouri

Segments 3 & 4 (Windsor to Jefferson City - Katy Trail):

New updates have been added in Green Ridge, Sedalia, and Hartsburg. For those who've been wary of a sketchy part of Northern Sedalia that the Katy Trail passes through, worry no more! The area has been revitalized and is now hiker-friendly. Detours are no longer needed. Thanks, again, to RayRey'23 for this update!🙌

Also, Ty passed along that camping is no longer available at the Globe Hotel B&B in Hartsburg. But free camping is still available in the town park. Noted and updated!

🌽 Nebraska

Segments 5, 6 & 7 (Kearney to Lincoln):

Hiking America Alternate Tracks are PURPLE, while Primary Routes are BLUE

We've pinpointed 43 new waypoints for planning pleasure! And if you're looking for a quieter path, Blackberry Brian has shared a serene alternate to the busy Nebraska 92 north of Brainard. This route, Road 31, offers a gentle, pebbly ambiance (below) and is two miles shorter without missing services. Pure tranquility!

Road 31 in Nebraska. Photo "Blackberry" Brian Cristner

Remember, the journey is enriched by the collective wisdom of our community ... and the occasional Amazon resupply package from back home!

Hike Your Hike. - John.

News and Notes Along the ADT

Nevada –

Hilary Moving Closer To Southern CA And Nevada - Videos from The Weather Channel
The winds in Hurricane Hilary have weakened, but it will still bring heavy rain to Southern California and Nevada over the next several hours. - Videos from The Weather Channel | weather.com

Nebraska –

Indiana farmer ("Blackberry Brian") carrying food insecurity message across America, one step at a time

Omaha’s Keystone Trail closing for 5 months starting Wednesday
In Omaha, a section of the Keystone Trail is closing for about five months. Starting on Wednesday the trail will be closed from Cass Street to the NFM Pedestrian Bridge.

Iowa –

Dining notes: New café opens near Council Bluffs side of Bob Kerrey Bridge
The Terrace, a new café, is now open near the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge in Council Bluffs. Other local food news includes Nice Rollz opening, a renamed restaurant and more.

Missouri –

Quaint Missouri Place Named 6th Best Small Town in America
There’s no place in Missouri quite like it. Despite the fact that only 239 people officially call it home (according to last census), it’s small size didn’t stop it from being named the 6th best small town in America.
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