Brian Leads Off Class of 2023

Blackberry Brian" began his journey on the American Discovery Trail to raise awareness and funds for Feeding America and its 200 food banks.

Brian Leads Off Class of 2023
Brian "Blackberry Brian" Christner begins his cross-country trek from Cape Henlopen - Photo: Brian Christner

Blackberry Brian on the Trail for 'Feeding America'

On February 19th, "Blackberry Brian" began his journey westbound 🚶‍♂️on the American Discovery Trail with a swipe of two fingers through the sand and surf at Cape Henlopen, Delaware.

Brian is walking across America to raise awareness and funds for Feeding America, a non-profit organization representing 200 food banks in America! 💪

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His mission is to raise funds and build and enhance gardens 🌱 that support local community pantries and food banks.🍅

Blackberry Brian will be sharing seed packets as he travels across America.

As a farmer 👨‍🌾 from northern Indiana (110 Blackberry Farm), Brian understands the importance of fresh, nutritious food and believes everyone should have access to healthy food, regardless of socioeconomic status.

His journey will take him through cities and towns, and he plans to stop and speak with people along the way. He hopes to spread the word 🌎 about Feeding America and encourage others to get involved. 🤝 He has partnered with Burpee Seeds to provide these community pantries and food banks with resources to grow their food.

When so many people struggle to put food on the table, Brian's journey is more important than ever. We are proud to support him on this vital quest.

We hope his journey 🙏 will inspire others to get involved and help make a difference in their communities.❤️  If you want to learn more about Blackberry Brian or donate to Feeding America, please visit his team's website.

Hike Your Hike, Brian. - John.