Five Hikers, Two Riders, Three States

Following a 2-year pandemic, a bumper crop of American Discovery Trail hikers and riders are taking on the coast-to-coast challenge this year. This week we introduce you to those we are following.

Sign and shoes at "Trail Angel Chuck's (formerly Trail Angel Charlie's) hiker camp near Fort Ashby, WV
Sign and shoes at "Trail Angel Chuck's (formerly Trail Angel Charlie's) hiker camp near Fort Ashby, WV

With the pandemic finally waning and life returning to a typical feel, more people enjoy what they sacrificed while stuck indoors for the last two years. Proof of point – a bumper crop of hikers taking on the coast-to-coast challenge of the American Discovery Trail in 2022.

This week, a look at the hikers currently on the trail that we are following and how you can, too!

The American Discovery Trail Class of 2022

In order of starting date

Facebook photo - Briana DeSanctis

'Rocky Mountain High'

Briana DeSanctis

Started 1/1/2022 - Cape Henlopen, Del

Briana is currently on Ohio's Buckeye Trail, heading westbound on the American Discovery Trail, having left Cape Henlopen, Delaware, on New Year's Day. Rocky publishes travel vlogs on Facebook quite frequently and is traveling solo for the most part, with a friend or two joining her n w and then. She has, by far, the most considerable following, but she's been hiking and chronicling the longest. In 2014-15, Briana journaled her successful Appalachian Trail adventure.

Now on the ADT, she is also blogging periodically for her hometown newspaper — Farmington, ME's Daily Bulldog.

Where to Follow and Fund, Briana

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Instagram photo - Clay Chapman

‘Clay Hikes’

Clay Chapman

Started 2/24/2022 - Cape Henlopen, Del

This is the second long-distance hike for Clay, who conquered the Appalachian Trail in 2016. He is hiking in collaboration with the organization Hope Scarves. They’re a nonprofit organization that funds breast cancer research and fosters community among those with breast cancer. Clay is currently in West Virginia.

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Facebook photo - George Kotch

George Kotch

Started 2/28/2022 - Cape Henlopen, Del

George currently lives in California, so you could say he's just walking home. But, for George, the walk is a personal reflect e journey. As he puts it on his Facebook page, "Attempting to Walk Across America in Honor of Hugo and to Understand My Country." God speed, George. George is currently in West Virginia.

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YouTube screenshot - Ray DelGreco

‘Chef Ray D’

Ray DelGreco

Started 3/3/2022 - Washington, D. C.

After an overnight bus ride from New York City, Ray began his east-to-west coast journey in Washington, D.C. You could say Chef Ray has already seen a lot of America. After culinary arts training at Chicago's CHIC, he has served up dishes in the Windy City, St. Louis, Nantucket, Boston, and more! Chef Ray, a prolific social media updater, hopes his journey inspires others to donate to José Andrés' World Central Kitchen. Ray is donating 20% of his Patreon proceeds to the charity. Ray is currently in West Virginia.


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Facebook photo - Brad McKim

Brad & Kay

Brad McKim

Started 3/22/2022 - Kansas/Missouri State Line

Author and Singer/Songwriter Brad McKim and his wife Kay are back on the trail, beginning this year’s Section Hike this week at the Kansas/Missouri State Line and heading east. Brad’s frequent Facebook photo essays are not to be missed, as they truly capture the charm, beauty, and quirkiness of this great coast-to-coast adventure.

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Hannah Catalino, Lisanne Fear, and friends on the North Bend Rail Trail in West Virginia.

Mustang Discovery Ride

Hannah Catalino & Lisanne Fear

Started 9/28/2021 - Herring Point, DE (south of Cape Henlopen, DE)

Okay, technically, this adventure began last fall, but most of this unique challenge will be occurring this year. Hanna & Lisanne are riding their mustangs for the 5,000 miles from Delaware to California along the American Discovery Trail to inspire the adoption of 5,000 BLM mustangs into loving, educated homes. They began in late September and crossed Delaware, Maryland, and entered West Virginia before stopping for the winter.

With the weather improved, the ride is back on most recently in Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio.

Where to Follow and Fund the Mustang Discovery Ride

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Mustang Discovery Ride
Mustang Discovery Ride. 4.406 vind-ik-leuks · 621 personen praten hierover. We’re riding our mustangs 5,000 miles from Delaware to California along the American Discovery Trail to inspire the...

Good luck to everyone!

Hike your Hike (or Ride your Ride) — John.