Del Rio Trail: Sacramento’s New Pathway along the American Discovery Trail

Del Rio Trail in Sacramento, CA, is a newly paved, 5-mile path on the American Discovery Trail. Offers a safer, more direct route alongside historic railway tracks.

Del Rio Trail: Sacramento’s New Pathway along the American Discovery Trail
Del Rio Trail in South Sacramento, California. Photo: Mike "I Like Mike" Crowley

The new Del Rio Trail in Sacramento, California, is a straightforward addition that slots seamlessly into the American Discovery Trail, offering a smoother, safer, and more enjoyable journey through the Californian Capital.

The new Del Rio Trail in S Sacramento. New Del Rio Trail in BLUE - Old ADT Route in RED

Stretching over 5 miles, the Del Rio Trail (above, BLUE) replaces a previously longer road-walking section (above, RED) with a direct, off-road path next to an old Southern Railway track, trimming 1.18 miles off your trek. This past week, Mike "ILikeMike" Crowley found it fully paved, even though some planned amenities like trees for shade and benches for breaks are still on the way.

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Why It Matters for ADT Hikers:

  • Shorter Route: The more direct path saves distance and time, allowing hikers to focus on enjoying hiking rather than navigating busy roadways.
  • Safety First: Moving off-road means you’re away from traffic, making your hike safer and more peaceful.
  • Services Remain: The many services found along the old route are still within reach.
  • Historic Route: Walking alongside the abandoned railway offers a touch of history and a sense of connection to the area’s past.

Coming Soon:

  • Shade and Rest: The upcoming additions of trees and benches will make future ADT crossings more comfortable, especially in the warmer months.

One More Thing –

Sacramento Alternate

Hiking America Sacramento Alternate (PURPLE), Main ADT Route (BLUE)

We've added the Sacramento Alternate route (above, PURPLE), which bypasses downtown Sacramento and continues your trip on the Del Rio Trail and Sacramento River Bike Trails along the water.

Bonus: The Alternate is 0.59 mi shorter.

Hiking America has added several Crowdsourced Updates this week from ADT Hikers on the trail:


Segment 7 & 8

In addition to sharing the Del Rio Trail status, Mike "ILikeMike" Crowley also shared the locations of two successful stealth campsites on public land.


Zach Foor shared info on a Trail Angel just outside of Milton and of a new coffee shop he loved in Milton.

Matthew Hengst passed along a new stealth campsite spot in the Redden State Forest.

Matthew crossed into Maryland this week and made one of those rarest of rare "Discoveries" on the American Discovery Trail - another hiker on the American Discovery Trail! Leif Olson!

Leif Olson and Matthew Hengst on the American Discovery Trail in Maryland. Photo by Mattnew Hengst.

Zach Foor crosses into Maryland today!


Segments 7 & 8

And we've added new camping information and Hiker Notes for Hocking Hills, Burr Lake, Murray City (an electrical outlet, woot!), and an additional stealth campsite from Marshall Travis.

It's already been quite the year - and we're just getting started!

Hike Your Hike - John.

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