New Routes in Ohio and 1st Hiker of the Class of 2024 Begins!

Discover the latest updates to the American Discovery Trail in Ohio, including improved paths and inspiring stories of perseverance and adventure.

New Routes in Ohio and 1st Hiker of the Class of 2024 Begins!
Old stone steps at T190 on the New Straitsville section of the Buckeye Trail in Ohio - Photo: Joe Carter

The Buckeye Trail, which the American Discovery Trail follows in Southern Ohio, has seen remarkable improvements in the New Straitsville Section this year.

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Segment 8 - Logan to Burr Oak State Park
Buckeye Trail - New Straitsville Section

BT volunteers have managed to streamline the path, moving away from the rugged service roads and bringing it closer to the North Country National Scenic Trail Trailhead on T190. In all three, separate trail reroutes have been opened. This work not only shortens the New Straitsville section by 1.6 miles but significantly enhances the trail's allure.

We have added the new tracks to Hiking America's Turn-By-Turn directions, maps, and Gaia GPS Data.

Segment 5 - Mineral Springs Resort to Pine Lake State Park
Buckeye Trail - Sinking Spring

We've added waypoints for three reports of aggressive dogs between OH5-49 and OH5-51 reported recently by a Buckeye Trail hiker. This serves as a reminder to stay alert, practice safe hiking behaviors, and understand how to calmly and safely manage encounters with wildlife and domestic animals alike.

Hikers should avoid negative interactions with dogs, such as avoiding sudden movements, keeping a steady, calm voice, and not attempting to outrun the dogs. Consider carrying dog spray or an ultrasonic dog deterrent as a precaution.

👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 What is Crowdsourced?
This week, a new Hiking America member asked, "What do you mean by 'Crowdsourced'?

Crowdsourcing is a method of obtaining information, ideas, or services by soliciting contributions from a large group of people – such as Hiking America members and others. This approach leverages the collective wisdom, skills, and expertise of many hikers to solve problems and develop innovative solutions for the community at large.

Your experiences and feedback drive us to constantly refine and improve our guides and data for the American Discovery Trail.

And every time we receive feedback like this, it truly lights up our trail:

A couple of weeks ago, we shared, "The moment that ALMOST ended (Briana DeSanctis') hike." She found herself stuck at the bottom of a Nevada canyon, following outdated routing into an overgrown area.

We reached out, and with the guidance we could share, having spent countless hours – actually, years now – poring over maps and updating data to the American Discovery Trail, she was soon back on track.

There was to be NO giving up for this Mainer. Briana is a testament to the power of her perseverance, the beauty of embracing the unknown, and the transformative journey of long-distance hiking.

Which brings us to the NEW Class of 2024 –

Marshall 'California Chrome' Travis

Began: February 13, 2024 - Westbound
Support Links: YouTube, Facebook, GoFundMe

Now, we are cheering loudly for Marshall "California Chrome" Travis 🌟 who is into his first week on the American Discovery Trail. Marshall is a Triple Crown hiker who's working to add the ADT to his resume to make it a Grand Slam! He began his westbound thru-hike on Tuesday, February 13th, and hopes to vlog most of the way.

So far, he's three for three! ▶️

Hike Your Hike - John.

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