Navigating New Routes and Resources on the American Discovery Trail

Stay updated with the latest reroutes, water sources, and resupply points on the American Discovery Trail. Discover new challenges, scenic spots, and helpful Trail Angels to enhance your hiking adventure.

Navigating New Routes and Resources on the American Discovery Trail
Bowl on northeast face of Mount Jefferson, Nevada on 5/3/2024 - Photo by Mike 'ILikeMike' Crowley

As the Westbound hiking season heats up and Eastbounders make last-minute preparations, we've got important Hiking America updates to the American Discovery Trail (ADT) that you'll need for your next adventure. Our latest updates to Hiker Notes, maps, and Gaia GPS data bring you up to speed on new reroutes and essential information to keep you on track and well-prepared.

Let’s take a look at the key changes and updates across the trail.

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📍 Nevada Segment 5: A New Reroute

Mike 'I Like Mike' Crowley continues his Eastbound trek across Nevada's desert and late Spring snowy peaks (see above) and has sent two tranches of updates.

Reroute Alert! Due to expanded mining operations in the Big Smokey Valley, a portion of Nevada Segment 5 has been rerouted, and the entire segment renumbered.

The Segment is 0.66 miles longer and features several challenging climbs:

  • Six Category 4 climbs
  • One Category 3 climb
  • A rare and strenuous Category 1 (HC) climb

These challenges culminate in a final 3.1-mile ascent, with a 2,700-foot elevation gain up to the Mount Jefferson South Summit. Make sure you're prepared for this tough but rewarding segment. For those needing a rest, Mike's identified a wonderful dispersed camping spot near the South Summit where you can recharge and enjoy breathtaking views.

📍 Nevada Segment 6: Water and Resupply Updates

Mike has provided invaluable updates for this segment also, including:

  • New resupply information in Eureka.
  • Details on dispersed campsites and campsites with fire rings.
  • Water reports, including a solar well, a full trough at a corral, and the ever-reliable Ryegrass Spring, which continues to provide "cool, clear water." A new water source near Potts Ranch in Monitor Valley has also been reported along with a gas-powered well filling a cattle trough.

These updates are part of Mike's ongoing effort confirming available resources needed to complete a unsupported Nevada thru-hike.

🗺️ Ohio Segment 4 and 5: Easier Navigation and Trail Angels

Matthew Hengst with Trail Angel Dori and her husband. - Photo Matthew Hengst

Matthew 'Masochist' Hengst is on the final days of his Westbound trip on the Buckeye Trail.

Ohio Segment 4 has seen the removal of a troublesome dog waypoint, thanks to local authorities. And this segment's waypoints have been renumbered for easier navigation.

Ohio Segment 5, Matt shared:

  • Ankle-deep creek crossing.
  • A porta-potty and electricity at a church, offering nearby stealth camping possibilities.
  • Updated services in Peebles.
  • New stealth camping location in Hocking State Forest.
  • Caught up with Trail Angel Dori near Sinking Spring, (above) and chatted with Trail Angel Tony near Logan, and added a new Trail Angel offering water, snacks, and camping in her yard.

"It is mind blowing how far people go out of their way for people on trail. I agree. And I do try and meet everybody I can if it all possible. I love all the conversations and getting to know the ins and outs of the area and trail concerns." Matt texted.

🗺️ Iowa Segment 5: Urban Oasis in Cedar Rapids

Marshall 'California Chrome' Travis shares news about the Cedar Valley Nature Trail around Cedar Lake near downtown Cedar Rapids. Construction is underway on a stunning urban park that the ADT passes through, and the reroute of the trail through it. This development promises a beautiful and refreshing break from the rural stretches, offering scenic views and modern amenities – two flushable toilets, a water fountain, and shaded picnic tables. All the things!

Final Thoughts

These updates underscore the dynamic nature of the American Discovery Trail. Each reroute and new waypoint adds to the adventure, offering fresh challenges and memorable experiences.

Keep your maps updated, your data synced, and stay prepared.

Hike Your Hike - John.


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