Whispers of Winter at Lake Ann Pass in September

The breathtaking beauty of Lake Ann Pass in the Colorado Rockies. At 12,500 feet, the Colorado Trail/American Discovery Trail offers stunning vistas. 'Blackberry Brian' Christner discovered a touch of early snow in this late summer gem.

Whispers of Winter at Lake Ann Pass in September
Southern view from Lake Ann Pass - Photo courtesy/Brian Christner
Just south of Lake Ann, looking to the north. Photo courtesy/Brian Christner

Lake Ann Pass, nestled high in the heart of the Colorado Rockies, is a sight to behold in mid-September. The Colorado Trail/American Discovery Trail snakes its way through the pass up to 12,500 feet.

This week, "Blackberry Brian" Christner summited and found an early dusting of snow at the top at the beginning of the last week of Summer.

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Segments 1-4 - Utah State Line to Denver

  • 81 new waypoints were added between Denver and the Utah State line.
  • Extensive Hiker Notes and additional services for Fruita and Grand Junction.
  • We have added map pages to match the newly renumbered Section 2, which has been updated due to outdated waypoints. I also added additional water notes from Bernie'22 – the gift that just keeps on giving.
  • We are also reorganizing our Gaia GPS Waypoints and folders in Colorado into three buckets - West (Utah Line to Denver), North (Nebraska Line to Denver), and South (Kansas Line to Denver). This will help increase future re-sync speed.
A Kansas Sunset - Photo Courtesy Ray "RayRey" Renoso


Segment 3 - Dodge City to Kinsley

Ray "RayRey'23" Reynoso passed through Central Kansas this month and passed along some thoughts and tips along the way.

Segment 4 - Kinsley to Great Bend

We have added an alternate south of Larned that several ADT hikers, including Karen & Jerry back in 2011 took to avoid the monotonous stair-stepping of roads through central Kansas. "Think Pythagorean Theorem or just rely on your common sense. Some days, we have more common sense than others. Today was one of those days," they wrote.

Segment 5 - Great Bend to McPherson

Added an additional resupply spot in Lyon and updated information on free camping at the Lyon City Park and the Central Baptist Bicycle Campground in Great Bend.

Segment 6 - McPherson to Herington

Updated camping services and water information in Tampa. HT RayRey'23

Hike Your Hike. John.

On the Trail, In the News

"Blackberry Brian" Christner

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