Rock Creek Trail Detour

The Rock Creek Trail in Washington DC will be closed intermittently through Spring 2023 for rehabilitation and installation of a pedestrian bridge. We've got a detour mapped out for you when it is closed.

Trail Closed sign along the Rock Creek Trail in Washington DC - Photo by Raymond DelGreco
Trail Closed sign along the Rock Creek Trail in Washington DC - Photo by Raymond DelGreco

Washington DC

The Rock Creek Trail, which winds through a lovely section of Washington D.C., is getting some much-welcomed upgrades to its popular multi-use path. As a result, areas of the trail will be closed intermittently around the Smithsonian National Zoo through Spring 2023 for Rock Creek Trail Rehabilitation and Pedestrian Bridge Project.

Hat tip: Raymond DelGreco, who is on the trail. "As part of my journey, I want to raise money for a fundraiser called World Central Kitchen by Jose Andres," he mentioned in a Facebook post.  
Side note: Jose Andres is currently in Poland, standing up a mobile restaurant feeding Ukrainian refugees. Jose is a national treasure.

Thanks to Ray's tip yesterday, via Messenger, we have added a detour to use when the trail is closed to the ADT Guide Maryland Section 4 maps and directions and our guide info on the Gaia GPS app.

The ADT Guide Rock Creek Trail Detour on Gaia GPS

It's a pretty cool detour. It is 0.10mi shorter than the official ADT route and passes through the historic Woodley Park and Cleveland Park neighborhoods, including the main entrance to the National Zoo. Admission to the National Zoo is free but only open Thursday-Sunday due to current COVID restrictions.

Elephant at Smithsonian's National Zoo - John Wesley Brett

And there are lots of restaurants, coffee shops, and resupply businesses along the detour as well.

Cleveland Park Washington D.C. - Audrey Blute

Thank again, Ray.

Hike Your Hike - John.