From the Nevada Sands to the C&O Canal: Latest Updates Across the States

Discover the latest Hiking America insights to the American Discovery Trail, featuring key updates from Nevada to Maryland.

From the Nevada Sands to the C&O Canal: Latest Updates Across the States
Eight Mile Flat, Nevada - Photo by: Bernie Krausse

The American Discovery Trail (ADT), spanning over 6,800 miles from coast to coast, offers diverse landscapes and experiences. This month’s Hiking America updates are particularly insightful, with contributions from across several states.

We’re starting with a deep dive into the relatively new Nevada segment, courtesy of Mike "I Like Mike" Crowley, before covering essential updates from Indiana, Ohio, and Maryland.

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🏜️ Nevada: Critical, New Updates

Nevada's Segment 2 is receiving substantial updates from Mike Crowley this week, addressing the unique challenges of this arid section. He has identified several stealth camping spots on Bureau of Land Management land and a new bathroom and water source west of Fallon. Moreover, he noted the absence of water at the Grimes Point Archaeological site, an essential note for hikers to plan their water stops effectively.

Perhaps the most critical insight is the availability of the only clean water at Sand Springs, described as "the only clean water I saw between here and Harmon Junction (Fallon), 21 miles to the west." This makes it a vital resource up to Middlegate Station, 22 miles to the east.

Bernie Krause first blazed this new segment in the Summer of 2022...the first unassisted Nevada crossing using the new routing. But those who follow him know he can do 30+ mile days! 👀 🥵

Mike's crossing this year will determine the difficulty for hikers with more standard mile days. With new campsites and water sources already I.D.ed, his trip is already paying off in spades.

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Mike has also begun a video series of his ADT Trip this year, which began on March 11th.

Brad McKim on the River to River Trail - Facebook photo from Brad McKim

🏞️ Illinois Adjustments

Illinois segments 3 and 4 now include new updates, including a shortcut track, described in the Hiking America Guides but missing in our Gaia GPS data! 🤔

Thanks to Brad McKim and his wife, Kay, for catching this as they returned to the ADT this month to continue their biannual Spring and Fall Section Hikes across America on Southern Illinois' River-to-River Trail. Also, his keen eye caught a critical yet transposed mileage marker in Ferne Clyffe State Park that has been accurately updated, improving hiker navigation and planning.

ADT Sign at the North|South|East ADT junction in Elizabethtown, Ohio - YouTube Screenshot of Marshall "California Chrome" Travis video

🌰 Ohio's Trail Updates

The Hiking America guides to the ADT in Ohio have new details from Marshall Travis' recent adventures. After completing the Eastern Section (above), he began the Northern Route and provided updates, including an economical hotel choice near the trail and service updates for areas like Covington and East Fork State Park. The Vogel Shelter near Mt. Orab also received updated notes from Marshall.

Bear Cave on the C&O Canal. Screenshot from Matthew Hengst's YouTube video.

🦀 Maryland Enhancements

Matthew Hengst has significantly enriched the Maryland sections of the American Discovery Trail, especially segments 1 and 2 - the Northwest end of the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal. His contributions include details of more than a half dozen Hiker Notes and the coordinates for Bear Cave (above), a fascinating feature along the C&O Canal trail that goes back several yards with flowing water.

Thanks to these hikers in the Class of 2024 and others for their continuing updates and descriptions that enrich the ADT experience and demonstrate the community-driven nature of this monumental trail.

As you prepare to tackle segments from Nevada’s deserts to Maryland’s historic pathways, these insights ensure a safer and more enjoyable journey. The spirit of collaboration continues to improve Hiking America's guides and maps to the American Discovery Trail.

Hike Your Hike - John.


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