A Return to the Brown Bridge & Loss of an On-Trail Favorite.

Today we have pushed out a few updates to the West Union and Shawnee Buckeye Trail Sections, including a return to the trail previously detoured by a logging operation.

A Return to the Brown Bridge & Loss of an On-Trail Favorite.
Stream in the Shawnee National Forest

For the last few weeks, we have been concentrating on Ohio's great Buckeye Trail and the seven complete sections and one partial, the American Discovery Trail follows.

Today we have pushed out a few updates to the West Union and Shawnee BT Sections covered in The ADT Guides Ohio 3 and 4.

Ohio Segment 3 - Mount Orab to Shawnee State Forest

In Ohio Segment 3 (West Union BT Section), we've made two minor adjustments to keep true to the Buckeye Trail – one passes through the Brown Covered Bridge SE of Mount Orab.

Brown Bridge over White Oak Creek/Brown Co Chamber of Commerce

The Brown Covered bridge was built in 1880 and updated in 1997. It is now closed to vehicular traffic. Buckeye hikers are free to pass through. The other update is just to the south of the community of New Hope. Again, the Buckeye jumps a couple of barricades to keep the trail off a busy US68 55mph highway for 0.25mi.  

Last year, BT hiker 'Honeylocust' suggested a shortcut that trims 5 miles off the official BT trail north of Russellville (see below) on roads that are "chill." And should you be interested, we've included that in our ADT Guide maps of the American Discovery Trail and our Gaia GPS data.

Official Buckeye Trail/American Discovery Trail in Blue - the Shortcut is Purple.

Ohio Segment 4 - Shawnee S.F. to Mineral Springs Resort

In Ohio Segment 4 (Shawnee BT Section), the Buckeye Trail has returned from St Forest Rd 16 back to the Shawnee State Forest's Backpack Main Trail South Loop after an extended closure due to logging operations. The route adds 0.75 miles of off-road trail. The ADT Guide maps, directions, and Gaia GPS data reflect the updates.

Backpack Main Trail South Loop just south of the Shawnee Lodge.

The ADT Guide: On The ADT on the Web

Nebraska Segment 8: Lincoln to Omaha

Mural cubes return to Omaha
Seeing these cubes around town calls for the return of a summer tradition.

Missouri Segment 5: Jefferson City to Treloar


Last Sunday, May 22nd, The Corner, Rhineland, Missouri's only restaurant, was heavily damaged by fire and is now closed. Luckily no one was injured. But the future is unknown for this stop conveniently right on the KATY Trail.

McKittrick, MO, is just 3.5mi miles east of Rhineland and has a Loutre Market grocery store with a deli inside.

We have pushed out updates in the Hiker Notes in the Missouri 5 Turn by Turns and Gaia GPS.

Hike Your Hike — John.