Bernie's Through-Hike Nearing its End.

Eastbound American Discovery Trail through-hiker, Bernie Krauss, entered Washington D.C. this weekend after a 7-month journey across the country.

Bernie's Through-Hike Nearing its End.
American Discovery Trail through-hiker Bernie Krausse at the Lincoln Memorial - Photo by Bernie Krausse.

Eastbound American Discovery Trail through-hiker, Bernie Krauss, entered Washington D.C. this weekend after a 7-month journey across the country. He should arrive at the ADT Eastern Terminus, Cape Henlopen, Delaware, by the end of the week.

We were delighted to host and shuttle Bernie for three days and two nights on his quest through Central Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Bernie Krausse and Hiking America founder John Wesley Brett. Photo by Kelly Stratton

His Facebook journals are filled with incredibly helpful information and inspirational photography for those hoping to attempt the coast-to-coast trek. He indeed has been a spiritual and generous "Pied Piper" of the ADT this year, as his growing flock of nearly 9,000 will attest. We count ourselves among them.

We are grateful and thankful.

Bernie will be the second through-hiker to complete the ADT this year and the first eastbound. Clay "Clay Hikes" Chapman finished the only westbound ADT through-hike this year in October.

On trail –

Brianna "Rocky Mountain High" DeSanctis

After completing the Eastern and Southern Sections of the ADT this month, Brianna "Rocky Mountain High" DeSanctis flew from Denver to Cincinnati, where she is preparing to begin the Northern section of the American Discovery Trail soon. Rocky hopes to become the first woman to complete the ENTIRE American Discovery Trail next year.

Shawn "Ruk Runner" Whitcomb

Shawn "Ruk Runner" Whitcomb is pushing toward Kansas City. He tells us he'll be taking a much-deserved break and spending time with his family over the upcoming holidays before finishing his Eastbound ADT hike next year.

Maryland –

Segment 4DC - Washington D.C.

In our nation's capital, the American Discovery Trail follows trails and roads up and over Washington D.C., bypassing the National Mall and all of the sites most visitors come to the District to view; the Washington Monument, the White House, the Capitol, and dozens of museums.  

So a few years ago, Hiking America created the Maryland Segment 4DC as an alternate route, guiding you past all of these national treasures. This week we have updated the guide with additional service waypoints.

Segment 5 - Greenbelt to Annapolis

We have added a new Alternate Route and 23 new Waypoints in Parole, MD, a community just west of Annapolis. The reasons are two-fold.

  1. The alternate runs to the south and is closer to many hiking resupply, food, and lodging services.
Hiking America Alternate in Purple

And 2...

Admiral Drive in Parole, Maryland - Photo by RKing

It also avoids a hazardous section of road walking in Parole, Maryland, on Admiral Drive, where shoulders are tiny, if non-existent, and the curves are blind.

Kansas –

Segment 6 - McPherson to Herington

We have removed a camping location in Durham from our guides. The church there has a new pastor and no longer allows camping on their property.  🤔

Hike Your Hike - John.