Of Heroes, Safety, and a Snake - Oh My!

Updated resupply route in Northern Illinois for ADT hikers, learn about Silvis' historic Hero Street and explore Iowa's new Rock Snake art project.

Of Heroes, Safety, and a Snake - Oh My!
Hero Street Monument in Silvis, Illinois - Photo: Rollnz, CC BY-SA 4.0

This week, we have refreshed the Hiker Notes in northwestern Illinois to include new details about an Amazon Counter location in East Moline, enhancing convenience as you pass through the area.

Additionally, we've made a significant change to the suggested access path to Silvis.

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Illinois North

Segment 1 - Rock Island (Iowa/Indiana Line) to Bureau
Great River Trail, Hennepin Canal Parkway

To improve hiker safety, we've made a significant change to our recommended access path to Silvis, one of the final resupply points, before Eastbound ADT hikers reach Hennepin Canal State Park.

Previously, ADT hikers used the IL5/John Deere Expressway – a busy, 55-mile-per-hour highway with a standard-sized shoulder and no services until you reach Silvis.

We have added a new recommendation in our Illinois North Segment 1 guide that will route you south on 19th Street – a 30-mile-per-hour street with a sidewalk the entire way into central Silvis.

Extra points: There are a couple of resupply mini-markets along the way!

An American Discovery - Hero Street, Silvis Illinois

Silvis, steeped in a rich history, is particularly notable for "Hero Street USA" (formerly Second Street). This street is renowned for its remarkable contribution during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War - where some 84 residents from just 22 households on that one street enlisted to serve.

This extraordinary figure is a testament to the deep-seated patriotism and sacrifices of the local Silvis Latino community, predominantly of Mexican heritage, underscoring their integral role in shaping the history of Silvis.

Eight paid the ultimate sacrifice and are honored with the Hero Street Monument (above) and stars painted on the street in front of the house where they lived.

The ADT in the News


Segment 3 - Middlegate to Ione

Briana "Rocky Mountain High" DeSanctis continues her western Nevada crossing. She filed her latest journal with her hometown newspaper in Maine - The Daily Bulldog.

America on Two Feet: The ghost town district - Daily Bulldog
Briana DeSanctis is an avid outdoorswoman, writer and public speaker from Farmington, ME. She only has a few hundred miles to complete out of her 6,800-mile hike across the USA on the American Discovery Trail to be the first recorded woman to thru-hike this entire trail solo. DeSanctis began her trek on January 1, 2022

Iowa Segment 2

Audubon, Iowa

Audubon Girl Scout Troop 226 and Alberta the Rock Snake. - Photos Diana B

The Atlantic News Telegraph is out with a story about a new (Rock) "Snake" 🐍 on the American Discovery Trail/T-Bone trail. But actually, this one is going to be kind of cute as it continues to grow!

Audubon Girl Scout Troop 226 worked with Audubon County Tourism to start a Rock Snake community public art project and is encouraging everyone to paint a rock and add it on to see how long “Alberta” can get.

You will find the head of "Alberta" at Hiking America waypoint IA2-31.

Hike Your Hike - John.

And Happy Holidays!


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