Hiking America Updates

Updates span across Indiana, Ohio, and Missouri – tips and discoveries, hidden gems, and potential challenges to optimize your hiking experience.

Hiking America Updates

Week Ending May 20, 2023

This week's updates on the American Discovery Trail include contributions from American Discovery Trail hikers across Indiana, Ohio, and Missouri.

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Indiana (Seg 3) & Ohio (Seg 1) - North

Brian "Blackberry Brian" Christner (above) recently embarked on the Northern American Discovery Trail Route in Indiana. In Richmond, Indiana, food, accommodation, and resupply services have been expanded at the northern end.

Brian also contributed some useful tips for dispersed camping in the Northern Ohio section, along with other Hiker Notes.

Hidden waterfall in Hocking County, Ohio - Photo by Michelle Strong


Segment 6

In Ohio, Michelle Strong discovered a hidden waterfall in Hocking County, contributing to the unexpected finds along the American Discovery Trail. The waterfall is part of a tributary that flows into Rush Creek, accessible via a short off-trail path down some steps.

Segments 8 & 9

However, not all surprises are pleasant: 🐕🐕🐕🐕

Michelle reported encounters with packs of roaming dogs in two different locations—one west of Smoke Rise Ranch and another around six miles north of Chesterhill. A detour around the latter area has been added to our Gaia GPS data.

RED Original, BLUE New Route


Segment 1 - Kansas Line to Plesant Hill

Lastly, the first segment of the ADT in Missouri from the Kansas Line to Pleasant Hill has been rerouted. This change avoids some roads without shoulders and incorporates the trail system running through James A. Reed Wildlife Area. This suggestion and more than two dozen additional Hiker Notes from Bernie '22 were added to enhance the information available for trail users.

Hike Your Hike. - John.

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