Three Keys to Hiking America

Hikers of the American Discovery Trail have similarities despite their unique approaches to the almost unimaginably long trail.

Three Keys to Hiking America
"Clay Hikes" enters Colorado heading west from Nebraska - photo/Clay_Hikes on Instagram

In following and assisting hikers of the American Discovery Trail over the last several years, a few similarities have emerged among them despite their unique approaches to the almost unimaginably long trail.

1- Being Flexible
2- Having a Backup Plan for your Backup Plan, and
3- When challenges arise, stay focused – work the solution, and reach out for help when needed.

Every successful long-distance hiker does all three consistently, with BIG results.

You can achieve anything you want to accomplish in life if you keep showing up regularly!
“If you can dream it, you can do it. “ – Walt Disney.

But even before you take that first step, doing your research informs how you respond to the Three Keys. That's where Hiking America helps out with the latest information, changes, maps, and GPX data for hikers of the American Discovery Trail and the dozens of significant major trails it follows.

On the Kokopelli Trail - photo/Bernie Krausse

Case in point, Bernie Krausse is eastbound on the American Discovery Trail, which follows the Kokopelli Trail along a 142-mile multi-use path that goes from Moab, Utah, to just south of Loma, Colorado.  Bernie's Facebook feed is full of beautiful photography and incredibly detailed notes of his journey.

Meanwhile, "Clay Hikes" continues eastbound and is out of Denver, Colorado, this week. He passed along another traunch of updates and suggestions from the trail, which leads this week's –

Nebraska Segment 8

Just east of the Nebraska capital of Lincoln is the famous MoPac Trail town of Eagle.  "Clay Hikes" pass along a few helpful (and fun) Hiker Notes in and around the small town of Eagle, Nebraska, on the MoPac Trail.  There has also been a small extension of the MoPac there, which is now included in our Gaia GPS route and our American Discovery Trail maps.

For fun, Clay suggests timing your arrival in Eagle on a Tuesday. Every Tuesday during the summer is the "Nacho Ride." Hundreds of cyclists do a twenty-mile out-and-back from Lincoln to Eagle...enjoying nachos and a cold brew at Bailey's Local before making the return trip. "It's actually a great time to hang out on the trail or at Bailey’s," according to Clay.

Bailey's Local Nacho Ride Facebook Photos

Also, in Nebraska, we've added a couple of resupply suggestions in Omaha.

Nevada Segment 4

Additional Hiker Notes

Utah Segment 1

Added a new water source discovered by Bernie Krausse in Garrison at the front door to the arid Snake Valley.

Missouri Segment 5

Additional Hiker Notes for Bluffton.

Ohio Segment 3

MoonDoggie LIVERee - campsite and kayak rental spot with a laidback commune vibe.  It's a mile-and-a-half off trail, but they do offer a Shuttle.


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